Take inPractice® Africa With You Everywhere You Go—Online or Offline!

Take tests, earn credit, reference drugs, and get clinical support in your clinical setting right from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. With each app you get:

  • Point-of-care reference resources at your fingertips
  • Regularly updated modules by and for South African clinicians
  • CPD credits for physicians, participation certificates for others
  • Ability to take tests and earn credit in your clinical setting
  • South African practice guidelines
  • South African drug reference information
  • Referral clinical support for clinicians   

All inPractice® Africa apps are designed so you can use them when you are not connected to the Internet—in offline mode—although some advanced features such as claiming CPD credit do require you to go online so that the app can upload details of your achievements.

Installing the Android App

To install the Android app, you must download it from the Google Play app store. You can find the app by launching Google Play on your Android device then searching for “inPractice Africa”. Alternatively, visit this page from the web browser on your Android device then click the Android button to the left.

You must have a Google account to download apps from the Google Play app store. If you do not currently have a Google account, create one at https://accounts.google.com/SignUp

Installing the Apple App

To install the Apple app, you must download it from this site. It is NOT currently available in the iTunes app store. Visit this page from your Apple device then click the Apple button to the left and follow the instructions that will be displayed.

Installing the Windows App

To install the Window app, click the Windows button to the left to download the installer (300 MB), then run it.

To receive a CD of the Windows PC downloadable app, please email customersupport@clinicaloptions.com.

Detailed instructions for installing the Windows app are included with the CD or can be downloaded here.

Setting Up the Mobile Apps

After you have installed the inPractice App for your Apple, Android, or Windows device, run it by finding the inPractice Africa icon in your device’s collection of installed apps.

When you run any of the apps for the first time, they will download additional content that enables them to work offline. So make sure you are in a place where you can download data (ideally over WiFi) quickly and without excessive mobile data costs. The CD-ROM version of the Window app includes this content on the CD-ROM. However, if the content has been updated since we produced the CD-ROM, the Windows version will also ask if you want to download those updates if you are online.

In addition, when you first run any of the apps, they will ask you to create a “local account” on your device. This account is saved on your computer and is how inPractice Africa identifies you whenever you launch the application, even when you are offline. If more than one person uses your device, each person should have their own local account to keep their activity (such as answering case-based questions) separate from other users.

Some features of the apps (such as claiming CPD credit or a participation certificate for completing modules) are only available after you complete full registration while online. The apps will prompt you to complete this at the appropriate moment, (eg, when you try to claim credit), or you can complete full registration from the Help button.

Technical Support 

Having trouble downloading the application? Forgot your user name and password? Email techhelp@inpracticeafrica.com to access technical support.

For any other help, click here.