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Guidance on Provider-Initiated HIV Testing and Counselling in Health Facilities

Source: World Health Organisation
Publication Date: January 1, 2007

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Topics addressed include: scaling up client-initiated HIV testing and counselling; scaling up provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling; provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in all HIV epidemic types including symptomatic patients, children, and men undergoing circumcision as an HIV prevention intervention; provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in generalized epidemics including implementation in all health facilities and priorities for implementation; provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in concentrated and low-level HIV epidemics; ensuring an enabling environment; pretest information and informed consent including minimum information for informed consent, additional information for women who are or may become pregnant, special considerations for children and adolescents, seriously ill patients, and follow-up where a test is declined; posttest counselling for HIV-negative and HIV-positive persons and for HIV-positive pregnant women; referral to other HIV services; frequency of testing; HIV testing technologies; programmatic considerations; and monitoring and evaluation.

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Keywords: HIV - Resource-Limited Settings, HIV - Prevention, HIV - Pregnancy, HIV - Diagnosis