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Palliative Care Strategy for HIV and Other Diseases

Source: Family Health International
Publication Date: February 1, 2009

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2009 guidance focused on ways to extend palliative care for people living with HIV and their loved ones. The primary aims of this strategy are to increase local capacity to deliver palliative care; support increased access to palliative care throughout the continuum of care; integrate palliative care into existing care, support, and treatment services; advocate for sustainable and holistic palliative care locally and globally; increase access to essential palliative care medicines and commodities; facilitate development of palliative care policies, programs, and training; and increase the quality of palliative care services.

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Keywords: HIV - Adherence, HIV - Adverse Events, HIV - Comorbidities, HIV - Paediatric/Adolescent Patients, HIV - Psychosocial Issues, HIV - Quality of Life, HIV - Resource-Limited Settings, HIV - Special Populations, HIV - Treatment Complications