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Strategic Plan for Maternal, Newborn, Child and Women’s Health (MNCWH) and Nutrition in South Africa, 2012-2016

Source: South Africa National Department of Health
Publication Date: May 24, 2012

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2012 guidance from the South Africa National Department of Health aimed at identifying priority interventions that can be expected to have the greatest impact on reducing maternal, newborn, and child mortality and enhancing gender equity and reproductive health. The plan also aims to provide a road map of how these interventions can be effectively implemented with a focus on improving coverage, quality, and equitable access to core services. Topics addressed include: priority interventions for maternal health, including basic antenatal care, HIV testing, access to antiretroviral therapy, improved access to care during labour, intrapartum care, and postnatal care within 6 days of delivery; priority interventions for newborn health, including promotion of early and exclusive breast-feeding, resuscitation of newborns and care for small/ill newborns according to standardised protocols, Kangaroo Mother Care, and postnatal visit within 6 days; priority interventions for child health, including promotion of breast-feeding and appropriate complementary feeding practices for infants and young children, preventive services, correct management of common childhood illnesses, management of ill children in hospitals, early identification of HIV-infected children and appropriate management, long-term health conditions of children, and improving provision of School Health Services; priority interventions for women’s health, including access to contraceptive services, improved reproductive health services for adolescents, cervical cancer screening, and gender-based violence and postrape services; priority interventions for community-based maternal and child healthcare services, including provision of a package of services by ward-based primary healthcare outreach teams, multisectorial action to reduce poverty and inequity, and development of a maternal, newborn, child, and women’s health communication strategy; maternal, newborn, child, and women’s health and nutrition strategic plan; key strategies for implementation of priority interventions and monitoring and evaluation framework; and critical success factors.

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Keywords: HIV - Paediatric/Adolescent Patients, HIV - Pregnancy, HIV - Resource-Limited Settings, HIV - Women