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The Primary Healthcare Package for South Africa—A Set of Norms and Standards

Source: South Africa National Department of Health
Publication Date: March 1, 2000

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An integrated package of essential primary healthcare services that should be made available to the entire population to provide the solid foundations of a single, unified health system. Topics addressed include: patient rights charter and complaints procedure, core norms and standards, women’s reproductive health, integrated management of childhood illness, adolescent and youth health, management of communicable diseases, cholera and diarrhoeal disease control, dysentery, helminthes, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, malaria, rabies, tuberculosis, leprosy, prevention of hearing impairment due to otitis media, rheumatic fever and haemolytic streptococcal infection, trauma and emergency, oral health, mental health, victims of sexual offenses including domestic violence and gender violence, substance abuse, chronic diseases and geriatrics, diabetes, hypertension, rehabilitation services, community level water and sanitation, community level home-based care, directly observed treatment short course, integrated nutrition programme, school health services, and community-based rehabilitation.

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Keywords: HIV - Resource-Limited Settings, HIV - Women, Tuberculosis - Resource-Limited Settings