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Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Source: South Africa National Department of Health
Publication Date: January 1, 2013

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2013 South Africa National Department of Health guideline for the identification and treatment of drug-resistant (DR) tuberculosis (TB).  Topics include; definitions of DR-TB; mechanisms of development of DR-TB; framework for managing DR-TB; prevention of DR-TB; legislative framework and public health ethics; international health regulation; patient management challenges; organisation of services (provincial, district, decentralised unites, satellite units, primary healthcare facilities, and mobile teams) including management teams; treatment follow-up teams; infection control teams and protocols; building capacity; case-finding strategies; diagnosis; signs and symptoms; patient assessment; management of patients with monodrug and polydrug resistance; standardised treatment regimens for adults and children 8 years of age and older; second-line and other drugs; basic principles of treatment; duration of treatment; treatment of extrapulmonary TB;’ terminal illnesses; management of extensively-drug resistant TB,  the role of surgery; monitoring and management of adverse drug reactions; recommended drugs for the treatment of adverse drug reactions; special situations (oral contraception use, pregnancy and breastfeeding, children, diabetics; renal insufficiency; liver disorders, seizure disorders, substance dependency, psychiatric disorders) management of DR-TB in HIV-infected patients, timing of ART; opportunistic infections, immune reconstitution syndrome, adverse drug reactions involving antiretroviral drugs; monitoring and evaluation of patients with DR-TB, including patient education and treatment compliance, managing contacts of patients with DR-TB, recording and reporting, heath care workers and DR-TB, forms and guidleines for DR-TB assessment, monitoring and management.

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Keywords: Tuberculosis - Drug Resistance, Tuberculosis - Transmission and Prevention, Tuberculosis - Resource-Limited Settings