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Guidelines for the Management of Tuberculosis in Children

Source: South Africa National Department of Health
Publication Date: January 1, 2013

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2013 TB recommendations from the South Africa National Department of Health focused particularly on the needs of children. Topics include: how children become infected; diagnosis in children; performing a Mantoux skin test; TB preventive therapy in children; immunisations; symptom screening; diagnosis; clinical presentation, HIV testing, chest X-rays, bacteriologic testing, TB lymphadenitis; TB meningitis; military TB; pleural effusion; TB treatment; use of steroids in children; monitoring response to treatment; managing a child who deteriorates; adverse events; nutritional support; congenital TB; TB in HIV-infected children, including managing TB therapy and ART, immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome; cotrimoxazole prophylaxis; drug-resistant TB in children; monitoring and evaluation. Guidelines include forms and monitoring protocols.

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Keywords: Tuberculosis - Acute Infection, Tuberculosis - Resource-Limited Settings, Tuberculosis - Transmission and Prevention, Tuberculosis - Epidemiology, Tuberculosis - Pathogenesis, Tuberculosis - Tests and Assays, Tuberculosis - First-line Therapy, Tuberculosis - Adverse Events, Tuberculosis - Treatment Complications, Tuberculosis - Adherence, Tuberculosis - Pregnancy, Tuberculosis - Paediatrics, Tuberculosis - Drug Resistance, Tuberculosis - Biomedical Prevention, Tuberculosis - Drug-drug Interactions, Tuberculosis - IRIS, HIV - Tuberculosis, HIV - Paediatric/Adolescent Patients